The RISE project book is out!

22 dec 2020

The RISE project book "School Education, Minorities and Life: Roma Inclusive School Experiences" is out! The book contains the final reflections and documentation of the RISE project, starting from the presentation of the actions implemented in the local contexts where the project has been developed (Bologna and Bari in Italy, Braga District in Portugal and Novo-Mesto in Slovenia).

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The RISE project video "A message to Europe" is online

25 nov 2020

The RISE project video "A message to Europe" has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of the Department of Education Sciences of the University of Bologna.

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Council of Europe Recommendation: schools should include Roma and Traveller history in teaching curricula

24 nov 2020

The Council of Europe, international organization whose aim is to sustain democracy, human rights, European cultural identity and the searching for solutions to social problems, emanated a new recommendation to on the necessity to analyze and revise current school curricula, textbooks and other teaching or learning materials with a view to eliminating stereotyping related to Roma and/or Travellers and to promoting issues

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Final International Conference at the Institute of of the Innocents, Florence

14 feb 2020

The Final International Conference of the RISE project took place on Friday the 14th of February 2020 at the Institute of the Innocents in Florence. The title of the Conference is "Building a School Together: Inclusive Experiences from Roma Children".

You can consul the program and pictures of the event directly in the documentation section of this website.



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Workshop on the Roma and Sinti among prejudice and history and dissemination event in Bari

13 may 2019

The workshop "Pride and prejudice. Roma and Sinti among prejudice and history: the case of the Puglia communities" will take place in the school Japigia1-Verga in Bari on Monday the 13rd of May 2019 from 4.15 pm.

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23 may 2019

The show-lecture "Porrajmos: the forgotten holocaust of the gipsies" will take place at Department of Education Sciences "Giovanni Maria Bertin" of the University of Bologna on Thursday the 23rd of May 2019 from 6.30 pm.

The show-lecture will be leaded by Pino Petruzzelli, director and actor of the Theater of Genova, Luca Bravi, historical and expert in Roma and Sinti History for the University of Florence, and the Italian RISE project team members.

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Digital storytelling workshops in the schools of Bologna and Bari, Italy

19 apr 2019

The workshops in digital storytelling goes on in the schools of Bari and Bologna with the aim of realizing shortmovies. The students, through the cooperative learning, have written the subjects and screenplays, working from the graphic elaboration towards the digital editing of the stories. During the workshops the following issues have been developed: cultural pluralism, inclusion, friendship and diversity as enrichment and fight against all discriminations.


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“Know-how and imagine your own future" workshops in Bologna, Italy

16 apr 2019

Five classes that joined the RISE project in Bologna (Italy) realized a workshop at school in which they met an artisan in order to deepen his profession and the context of working. The workshop took place in the months of February, March and April 2019.

The artisans that participated in the workshops were a "sfoglino" (a special cook who makes puff pastry) and a circus actor.

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Workshops for students in the Primary School Drska Novo Mesto, Slovenia

14 mar 2019

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, and Thursday, March 14, 2019, workshops on the production of didactic material were held at the Drska Primary School in Novo mesto in three classes of the first grade and one class of the second grade. In the first group they produced drawing and writing plates for sharing acceptance, in another a toy - a bunny of goods.

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Primary school Loka Črnomelj - Workshops for students in Slovenia

02 apr 2019

Within the framework of the RISE - Roma Inclusive School Experiences project, we are preparing and implementing workshops for children in six participating schools in Slovenia. The first part of the workshops included a discussion on the different personality and diversity of cultures. The main task of the children was to get to know the Roma culture and to create a didactic game that would teach us about Roma culture and history.

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