26 jul 2019

The RISE project Italian National Conference took place in Italy on the 9th and 10th of September 2019 in Bologna. You can consult the program, presentations, pictures and video of the event in the documentation section of this website.

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Digital storytelling workshops in Portugal

13 jun 2019

The Portuguese team is developing two workshops to build animated stories with children from each primary school that participate in the RISE project. These workshops aim to discuss with the students themes related to cultural diversity, prejudice, discrimination, racism, respect and human rights.

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"Libertè": 3rd Gipsy Day in Bologna on Saturday the 8th of June 2019

08 jun 2019

The 3rd Gipsy Day will take place in Bologna on Saturday the 8th of June 2019 in Bologna (zona ortiva via Erbosa, 17). The title of the event is "Libertè. Roma and Sinti in the resistance and ribellion of Auschwiz on the 16th of May 1944". This event will represent the opportunity to share traditional music, food, poetry and tales of the Roma and Sinti culture.


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Visit to the didactic farm of the Arvaia cooperative in Bologna, Italy

06 jun 2019

On the 6th of June 2019 the students of the classes involved in the RISE project workshop activities visited the didactic farm of the Arvaia cooperative in Bologna, Italy. This activity has been organized according to the RISE project aim of creating a more inclusive and welcoming school for all the students through education paths focused on inclusion and interculture.

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Workshops for students - Primary School Grm Novo Mesto

14 mar 2019

First part of workshops included learning about the diversity of cultures around us. The main task of children was to learn about Roma culture and create a didactic game, which would teach us about Roma culture and history. Students were divided into groups and each group had to explore where did Roma come from, how they moved and when they came to Slovenia. After gathering all of the necessary knowledge students prepared a board game with questions about Roma culture and history.

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Modern learning methods for successful inclusion - Slovenia - March 2019

02 mar 2019

On March 2, 2019, in the Novo mesto Development and Education Center, training for teachers, social workers and Roma assistants took place within the framework of the Roma Inclusive School Experiences project. The main topics were cooperative learning and inclusion in school.

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RISE Portugal | Training course "Peer observation and teacher´s professionalism"

27 feb 2019

The professional development course "Peer observation and teacher's professionalism" that will be organized in Portugal aims at promoting peer observation among teachers, as a privileged strategy of horizontal pedagogical supervision, at the service of a vision of teacher´s professionalism as a collective action for social change. By helping to better understand and intervene in classroom work, class observation is a powerful strategy for the development of teacher´s professionalism.

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